Body Scrub


On occasion, our skin benefits from a thorough exfoliation. It's wonderful for removing dry, dead skin, increasing circulation; refreshing and moisturizing the skin. Our organic body scrubs are a simple, wonderful treat, leaving skin with a lovely glow! You'll be smiling on the inside too! Our scrubs are suitable for full body, including the face. 

Body scrubs are a beautiful experience for the body - the texture, the glorious scent, the loving TLC, the soft skin that follows! The luxurious high quality organic virgin coconut oil we use smells divine and leaves the skin soft, moisturized, and nourished.

We are delighted to offer two variations:

Lavish Coffee & Grapefruit~ a deeply satisfying scrub. We use freshly ground, high quality organic coffee beans, this gifts our scrub an incredible scent and superb scrub. You'll never see coffee as just a tasty drink ever again after trying our scrub. And the grapefruit essential oil is the perfect pairing for an out-of-this world rich scent!

Lively Lemongrass & Sugar~ an uplifting scrub, it will leave you smiling and full of sunshine! The high quality, organic, gorgeous amber sugar crystals we use provide slightly more exfoliation than the coffee in the Lavish Scrub. Combined with organic lemongrass essential oil, this scrub is total delight!