Happy Locks Hair Serum


Toxin-free hair care is essential since everything put on the scalp is rapidly absorbed. Unlike many hair conditioners our serum does not include harmful, filler, artificial ingredients. 

Instead, we use the best organic plant oils for hair, then infused them with beneficial hair herbs of wild Tanglewood horsetail (strengthening), calendula (conditioning), and dandelion (nourishing), and added hair loving essential oils to create this wonderful serum!

With raw natural ingredients easily recognized by your hair, it absorbs readily and beautifully, and will not leave a build-up of residual artificial ingredients. This serum has been tested on three hair types (straight/thick/coarse, long/wavy/damaged, natural curly/thin/dry) and it has been wonderfully beneficial for all; leaving hair healthier, stronger, and softer, with a natural sheen.

From settling frizz to deep conditioning, our Happy Locks will quickly become your new must-have favourite! 

To use:

Damaged ends: Rub a couple drops onto wet or dry hair ends daily. Adjust according to hair damage.
Weekly conditioning: Massage a dropperful into dry hair prior to washing or into clean wet hair.
Deep conditioning: Massage two droppersful into warm wet or dry hair. Wrap in hot towel. Leave overnight. Wash in a.m.