Golden Button - Silky Pink Bundle


Golden Button- Silky Pink Sets: * Keep in mind that this is a natural item, no two pieces will be the same. The sizes and shapes may vary. * 35 cm * 20 grams Color: * Silky Pink * Also available to order in White. Dimension: * Large Size Button Flower Use: * Small blooms sit atop long stems. They are perfect for adding a pop of color to any floral creations. * DIY projects are the perfect way to utilize any of our dried floral products. Allow yourself to personally customize your own floral arrangement for your home or office. Also great to incorporate into any of your bridal designs. Story: * Gorgeous dainty flower, originating from Australia. Care: * Keep in mind this a dried floral and this can be affected by moisture, humidity, heat, and direct sunlight. Follow us to get inspiration Instagram