Refresh Candle


This scent is aptly named because it really is refreshing. Originally designed for their hand sanitizer, they quickly learned that this scent is beloved and Picot wanted to offer it as more of a therapeutic option.

We love burning this in our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, or anywhere really. We also like to think of this as the candle we burn during the day, whereas our first born, Honey Tobacco, is more of an evening burn.

Benefits of the blend:

Blood Orange: uplifting, ease nervous tension, relieve inflammation, commonly used to improve depression, anxiety, and stress

Peppermint: relief from nausea, headaches, respiratory infections, ease muscle pain, reduce itching

Eucalyptus: immune boosting, supports the respiratory system, enhances the feeling of relaxation

Get the longest life and cleanest burn out of your candle by trimming the wick. 

 - 8oz soy+ coconut + beeswax scented candle will burn for about 50-60 hours. Your candle will have the longest life if let it burn to the edges for the first burn, and if you trim the wick to about 1/4" before each subsequent burn.